mercirex advertisement, 1940s

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display states:

mercirex (soap and cream)

local home treatment

helped this boy obtain comforting relief from herpes


an ideal home treatment for local skin irritations

complete package $1.00

separate jars- regular size 0.75, trial size 0.35, soap-per cake 0.25

Very little information can be found on Mercirex. Its advertising seemed to peak in the early 1940s but the ads were not large or eye-catching... just a small blurb on mercirex being used for pimples, eczema and psoriasis. I can only find information regarding its active ingredient, acetanilid(e) 1/2%, which was used as an analgesic and antipyretic. In 1886, it was first marketed in the oral drug Antifebrin. However, oral usage decreased after reports of cyanosis. It was used topically up until the late 1940s when the advent of more modern, manufactured drugs took place.

mercirex ointment  with box

mercirex ointment  with box